My TricycLe and 3-Legged Dog Story.


Written by: Roderick Fiddler, Danny Linklater, Mary-Ellen Matthews, Stephanie Charity, Tanya Spence, Bradley Fiddler, Albert Meekis, Wray Hunter Linklater, Leslie Meekis, Willow Blasizzo, David B. Fiddler, KD Livingstone, Nora J Meekis, Lorraine Mamakeesic, Charles Meekis, Cherish Kakegamic, Marc Meekis, Stacey Fiddler, Lanny Linklater, and Melodie Manoakeesic


It was a Monday morning at work and I had already started the week off on a bad foot, arriving late as my imaginary tricycle had a flat tire.

So I slapped on my training wheels but then I noticed my streamers were tangled and I drove into the ditch. The same time, one side of the training wheel fell off and now I’m lying in the ditch thinking.

It’s been 2 hours later and I’m still laying in the ditch thinking, thinking if I should ever get up and go to work again ‘cause then I died.  THE END. Sorry, I’m not good at this. So I figured when I was resuscitated from the ambulance, I’m not good at this because I wanted attention from the people that drove by. But instead they said “ateh kasheen jeen, kasheen jeen”.

And all of a sudden when I opened my eyes I jumped and yelled “Where’s my tricycle, is it okay?” Ahahahahaha, I laughed hysterically, running around with my broken tricycle wheel still flat, “Where’s my nuts?!”

So I just put the tricycle back together as best I could and began to ride with the tire still flat and bent up. I quickly discovered that the tricycle with a flat tire wasn’t even a tricycle – it was my poor three-legged dog!

Then I’m thinking, “Hey, where the heck did you come from? I thought you got runned over!” If you got runned over and I wiped out, where are we?!! And why are you a three-legged dog with a limp? Then again, I laugh hysterically to myself…interesting. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Almost manic because my name is Espit, I miss my tricycle.

In a distance I seen Cuzzin waving and yelling. The beer I had for breakfast wasn’t bad, so I had one more for dessert. Then staggered back into the office with hot bologna, eggs and gravy. My boss was like, “What the hell happened to you? Is that hot steak for me?” And I feasted, still wondering about my imaginary tricycle.

Someone yelled and said, “There is goes! Max is taking off with it!! Call the police and say he stole my three-legged dog”. But with my sorry ass three-legged dog, well, the bologna was good. Wow! What an imaginary tricycle ride that was sitting in my office. Whatta ride!!! And there it was…gone.

Yeah, and it was that imaginary three-legged dog. Now scared, I sit in my office thinking that was a heck of a day! I wonder what my vacation will be like. I hope I can take a nice trip to Wabigoon. I’m thinking, I’m thinking, I’m thinking, I’m thinking!! Better not come to work half cut anymore. Or better yet when I turn Chief next week, I’ll make sure everyone on Monday mornings will know I am probably half cut.

And I drive myself crazy with my imaginary tricycle and three-legged dog who got runned over. But then again, I ended curling up in the corner of my room, suckling my thumbs whimpering, “Mommy…mommy…” All of a sudden the phone rings and it was just a dream. Whoosh…comes a hand right to my face, I didn’t know what I was dreaming. Then there it was again…GONE.

I still think of that day often. It was too real to be just a dream. I really wanted that tricycle to be real because it was the never ending story. Until someone had gone and rummage saled my tricycle. Now it is lost forever!!

So it has begun…  And then my mother calls and says, “I bought something for you from the rummage sale.” There it was – my imaginary tricycle…and my three-legged dog. And he lived happily ever after with his tricycle and three-legged dog.  THE END!

And so we learn…on Monday morning when we start seeing the imaginary tricycle, it’s probably better to just stay home!


Transcribed by Willow



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